Ultimo-kiwi-made (14K)

Faster, Easier Club Kit

So you're sorting the custom kit for your club. First up - thanks! It's the work of volunteers like you who make clubs great for everyone else.

We know how much work can be involved so we do everything we can to make it easier for you, and better for your club.

We have no minimum order quantity for total order or for each style. You won't have to buy extra kit you don't want or need.

We'll do a club's artwork and set-up free of charge.

As a local supplier we can make your kit more often, and ship it more quickly - check out how fast we are.

Maybe we can do it all!

For the fastest, easiest way to get your crew into club kit, we can set you up with a bespoke online apparel shop.

This service won't cost the club anything, and automatically matches orders with people. No worries about separating and distributing a box of different items, or keeping track of who's paid.

We do everything including collating orders, collecting payments, making kit, and delivering directly to your members' home or workplace.

We'll do the work, all you need to do is share it on your club's web page, Facebook, email, or however you spread the news.

Job done - you can go ride!